We prepare periodic accounts for our clients. We use efficient proprietary accounting software in preparing the required accounts, with information deduced from client's detailed or available records. We also mediate and track outsourced staff for pre-defined periods. These services may differ in scope, from clerical (book-keeping) to oversight of the Accounts function.


This involves an examination of the financial statements and the financial books and records of an organization by professional and competent accountants. This examination will enable us to express an opinion as to whether these financial statements give a true and fair view of the organization’s financial transactions for the period under review; and also of it’s financial position as at the balance sheet date.


We provide tax planning services to enable our clients take advantage of the existing reliefs and benefit from the options available to companies in their investments decision. In addition, we render assistance in the preparation of all Tax Computations and agreement of tax assessments arising therefrom with the Federal Inland Revenue.

Building Competence

This involves training programmes for audit and accounting functionaries in order to improve their efficiency and competence. These programmes are especially useful for new employees. Our programmes can be structured as part of a comprehensive in house training programmme or held alone.


This entails the research into and evaluation of companies for potential investors, management, shareholders or other interested parties. This may also be for the purpose of ascertaining the extent of some form of malpractice or the other or the state of the company’s well being.

Process Analysis

Our Process Analysis and Reengineering programme is intended to help organizations optimize the performance of their accounting and internal control processes. It will involve first a review and analysis of the current system and then the development and implementation of a new system working within the limits of the clients peculiar needs and it’s budget. The focus here is on re –integrating tasks into processes which will be handled by teams rather than individuals and use of modern information technology techniques to achieve drastically improved levels of performance and efficiency.

Process Outsourcing

This entails the provision of non core but relevant business activities such as General Ledger management, Invoicing and Debtors management etc. to client. It will enable the client concentrate on their core business activities and enjoy cost effective premium quality accounting and related services from professionals with wide experience and information technology resources to back that experience.

Secretarial Services

This entails acting as the Company Secretary. It entails taking of minutes at meetings, filing of annual returns and maintaining all the statutorily required books and registers.